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December 2016

Actress Grace Lowry from Melbourne, Australia, says the following about PEM:

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"I’ve been telling everyone I know about this, but you can really only understand by doing. The funny thing is that, with a little guidance, you realise that you’ve know these feelings your whole life. It’s the best methodology (if you want to call it that) I’ve ever experienced for bringing me back to my body. It doesn’t feel new - though it is cutting edge stuff for us modern beings - it feels absolutely ancient. It’s so terrific to feel that I can train these muscles just like any other part of my body. It is tangible, progressive and [...]

PEM in New Zealand

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The first few days of the PEM Wellington workshop have been met with surprise, enthusiasm and delight by New Zealand actors. It's clear this group of actors know the meaning of hard work and dedication to craft. We very much look forward to the rest of the workshop! Here's one of many testimonials from the actors. "No other technique or method has ever been able to answer what to do when you don't have an acting partner to work with." - Serena Cotton


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Our first workshop tour through Australia has been a wonderful and enriching experience! The Sydney and Melbourne Intensives were transformative for all the participants. Our workshops at the Actors Centre and at 16th Street Actors Studio were so welcomed and appreciated by the actors that they want PEM and Sarah Victoria back again as soon as possible. We'd like to say thank you to all participants and organizers in Melbourne, Sydney and Gold Coast and the Actors Assembly for such great events and the remarkable interest everybody showed in what PEM has to offer. We have forged new relationships and [...]

November 2016

Sydney was fantastic!

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After our successful workshops there, we continue the tour in Melbourne and Gold Coast. Here are a few comments by Sydney actors on their PEM workshop experiences: 'I was fortunate enough to be part of the course for three days. For the first time in a long time I was in tune with my body and had freedom of my instrument. It taped into my body's core, allowing my body to react with out needing to rely on imagining. In the same way it meant that I didn't have to relive past trauma and was given the tools to easily diconnect [...]

Highly successful workshop at the Actors Centre Australia!

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Working with Australia's next generation of fine actors. With PEM Master Instructor Sarah Victoria and Australian PEM Representative Rik Stowman. Thank you for connecting us, David Cuthbertson! Workshop review by Badaidilaga Maftuh-flynn: "Exceptional! such a practical and versatile technique. Just finished a workshop in Australia and can honestly say I feel so much more confident in my approach to all other aspects of my acting and training. Recommend for any actor"

PEM at the Actors Centre Australia

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PEM Master Instructor Sarah Victoria was invited to hold a one-day workshop for second-year students and graduates of the renowned Actors Centre Australia in Sydney during her workshop tour through the country. The workshop taking place on Wednesday, 22 November 2016, was booked out within an hour. Hugh Jackman has been the patron of the Actors Centre Australia since 2007. The well-known actor of many international movies and theatre productions proudly accepted the role after graduating from its full-time course in 1991. We are very excited to bring the PEM process to such an important facility whose creative director is [...]

PEM in Australia

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Welcome to Australia Sarah! PEM has finally hit our shores. The Sydney Workshop starts tomorrow and there are still spaces left so now is the time to register! If you'd like to do a one on one session with Sarah please hurry as this amazing soul has limited time here in between doing an evening workshop at The Actors Assembly with David Cuthbertson and at The Actors Centre with Dean Carey. Contact to book or if you have any questions.

PEM at The Actors Assembly in Sydney

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The Actors Assembly posted: Working with Sarah Victoria from PEM unveiling physical bodily triggers for the stage and screen. The PEM acting process is being celebrated throughout the worlds leading acting institutions and Sarah has just flown in to Sydney after working with actors in London, NYC and India.