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PEM Beyond the arts

PEM is based on human biology. Because of this we have found that our processes are useful in many areas beyond the artistic realm. We offer course and and programs both in our centres and on site. We are happy to tailor make programs to suit particular requirements and also offer the possibility of training trainers in specific areas. Please contact us for information!

Personal Development

Rediscovering and using your emotional system for work and life situations is a life changing process. We offer courses that cover how to live a more emotionally balanced life, how to focus and manage your anger and aggression, how to be present and confident in your work or for interviews as well as how to deliver authentic and powerful presentations and speeches.

  • Emotional Management
  • Anger Management 
  • Presence and Confidence
  • Presenting and Communication Skills

Well Being

When we understand that a number of issues that affect our well being arise from suppression or over focus on particular emotions we can begin to release them and bring the system back into balance. Through our PEM release exercises you start to feel healthy and free again.

  • Burnout
    • How to release over focused energy
    • How to calm the emotional system and body
    • Processes for recovery and economical functioning 
  • Stress
    • Pent up, suppressed and unprocessed emotion creates stress in the system. PEM active release exercises allow these stresses to dissolve and/or integrate into the system to restore balance.
  • Anxiety
    • Where fear is a natural response to real events, anxiety is a fearful response to subconscious imaginings.  With PEM release we can locate and utilise this energy which allows anxiety to diminish or dissolve.
  • Assistance in Therapeutic Fields
    • Emotional system support and balance for those in caring and therapeutic roles.
    • Emotional communication strategies to better carry out face to face work.
    • Training opportunities for those in therapeutic fields.


  • Asperger’s and Autism
  • Depression
    • Identifying what happens in the body in depression
    • How to focus and do what you want and need to
    • Releasing emotional drain
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    • Addressing the physical “giving up” in the system
    • Pinpointing and and releasing pent up emotions to regain energy in the body
  • Assistance in Therapeutic Fields