PEM at Actors Centre London

PEM Foundation Workshop at Actors Centre

We are excited to announce that PEM is now offered at the Actors Centre London – the UK’s leading organisation which supports actors throughout their professional careers.

News Dates will be announced.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge with members of the Actors Centre!

What is it?
A workshop designed to learn the easy and safe way to access the biological emotional system – to make emotions a reliable and subtle tool of acting. The Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM) was developed and designed by German director and playwright Stephan Perdekamp. He set up PEM acting studios in Hamburg and Vienna and his method is also used in the UK at Central, Rose Bruford and Solent University Southampton.

How will it work?
True emotions are the key to authentic and touching performances for film and stage. They sometimes need to be out and loud – but sometimes they need to be battled and suppressed to be even more gripping. This workshop will teach an easy and repeatable way to access physical triggers for biological emotions as a basis of then using them for subtle or intense artistic work. The workshop will also offer exercises to work through emotional blockages and to safely release pent up emotions. Additionally, participants will learn easy release exercises to neutralise emotional tensions (fear, stress, etc) and an access to breath that will support intense emotional expressiveness.

What do you get out of it?
This workshop is great for gaining emotional confidence and intensity – and a freedom from blockages that allow actors to access their full potential of expression and depth.

Price: £30

You can book here: