PEM at VASTA Conference!

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PEM at VASTA Conference!

We are pleased to announce PEM’s involvement in the upcoming VASTA virtual conference – Rising Voices: Listening to the Past, Dismantling the Present, Cultivating a New Future.

The Rising Voices conference takes a look at the responsibilities voice and speech trainers have in listening and learning from the past. It also addresses cultural shifts happening now and discusses the challenges and adaptations that come with, as well as asking how the voice and speech community can grow a new future.

It will run for 3 full days from July 30th to August 1st. Register here: PEM Master Instructor Sarah Victoria and PEM Voice co-developer Kristina Heuer will be conducting the PEM Voice Workshop: Synchronicity of Intense Acting and Vocal Health, running on July 31st 18:00 EDT.

The workshop will introduce direct access to 2 of the 6 basic emotions of PEM, emotional deep breathing, and exercises to connect emotional expression to the soft palate.

VASTA (Voice and Speech Trainers Association) is a non-profit international organisation dedicated to supporting and spreading awareness of the art and science of the human voice. They service approximately 700 members across the world, including academics, actors, singers, and medical professionals. VASTA runs conferences every year with voice professionals attending globally.

Sarah and Kristina shared PEM Voice with VASTA at their conference in Singapore back in 2017, again in 2018 and virtually in March earlier this year.

Read more about the conference here:

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