The Open Acting Academy is the resident acting school that teaches full-time acting programmes and part-time acting courses in the Perdekamp Emotional Method. There are currently two schools: the Open Acting Academy Hamburg (Germany) and the Open Acting Academy Vienna (Austria).

Auditions for the full-time acting programme are held regularly.

For more information on course schedules and registrations, please visit the PEM Center Hamburg directly: PEM Center Hamburg

If you require information in English, please contact:

International Workshops

3-day Workshop

This workshop offers a training of the six key emotions according to PEM: aggression, happiness, grief, fear, lust and revulsion by using clear and easy to learn exercises and physical focal points. These exercises will help the actor to overcome personal restrictions and emotional blockages.

You will also experience how to access other emotions on the basis of the six key emotions. Additionally, we will further work on an intense and emotionally authentic approach to text work.

You will also practice how to create a character according to PEM Character Work and how to use it in combination with the emotional technique.

New Dates will be announced.

Testimonials from our participants

It was life-changing for me. I came to Hamburg to get validation, to search for something new, something that resonated with me and I got it from the five days that I’ve been here – from the workshop. It’s been a very personal journey and it’s been a journey of growth professionally for me as well. I’m very glad that I came here.
Motlatji Ditodi, Actress, Johannesburg, South Africa
Thank you for the wonderful experience at the PEM Centre in Hamburg, it was so special to meet all the amazing people there!
Georgia Watson, Actress, London