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“PEM is the alphabet of our art.”

Carina Buena, actress, Romaina

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A fascinating approach to acting that is clear, concise and contemporary.

Richard Listor, actor, London

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If I could sum up PEM in one word it’s “confidence”

Justin Younts, actor, New York

PEM in India

PEM Masterclass in Delhi

PEM Workshop at the National School of Drama


PEM Master Instructor and Head of the PEM International Office Sarah Victoria was invited to hold a week-long masterclass for 1st and 3rd year students at India’s most renowned drama university: the National School of Drama in Delhi. Indian drama teachers discovered the crucial impact of PEM on the actor’s emotional craft at last year’s VASTA conference in Singapore and did not hesitate to make this knowledge available to their acting students. We look forward to returning to Delhi and sharing PEM with dedicated young actors in India!

More info on the National School of Drama:

PEM Instructor:

Sarah Victoria
PEM Master Instructor


New dates TBA

Participation for NSD students only

PEM Workshops and Classes in Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Delhi

PEM Workshop for Actors


The Perdekamp Emotional Method PEM is a comprehensive acting method that integrates all subjects necessary for acting: emotional work, text work, character work, voice work, movement etc. All subjects are based on the same techniques and principles.

PEM was developed by German director and playwright Stephan Perdekamp and provides performers with a safe, healthy and reliable access to authentic emotions, independent from personal experiences or memories.

PEM integrates the whole nervous system as well as subconscious processes that are required for acting. It teaches actors to put subconscious processes into the consciousness and reliably repeat them without letting them get stale. PEM was created to take care of the actor and their well-being.

It is taught at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and at the leading drama universities in Australia NIDA, VCA and WAAPA.

Stephan Perdekamp developed PEM as an acting method but the principles he found are fundamental and concern the human being in general. Therefore, we work with people with burn out, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety and with people on the spectrum (our non-profit organisation PEM Autism). Our institution in Germany is certified by the German state to teach people on the spectrum.

Our communication centres and theatres are in Hamburg, Germany and in Melbourne, Australia.

Hours and number of participants:

6 hours per day

14 participants


Day 1 (6 hours): The first day gives an insight into the unique biological process of PEM and practice the emotional access triggers for the basic emotions aggression, happiness, grief, lust, fear and revulsion. The simple and effective exercises will help actors overcome personal restrictions and emotional blockages.

Day 2 (6 hours): The second day will introduce exercises for acting principles such as energetic perception, permeability, energetic flow, reacting to impulses and presence. These exercises prepare the actor to give their performance physical authenticity. The last part of day two will introduce how to apply emotions to text (monologues).

Day 3 (6 hours): The third day introduces PEM’s character work to enable the performer to physically get into and out of characters. PEM text work will be combined and connected with PEM character work.

The workshop will be held by PEM Master Instructor Sarah Victoria.

Sarah Victoria is an actress, PEM Master Instructor and Head of PEM International. She is a certified PEM Instructor since 2004 and wrote her Master Thesis about PEM. She has been researching acting and voice since 2004 and has been leading PEM Master classes at drama universities worldwide. She is currently based in Melbourne, Australia to set up PEM Studios Melbourne and establish the PEM Ensemble Melbourne.

PEM Instructors:

Stephan Perdekamp

Stephan Perdekamp
PEM Creator


Sarah Victoria
PEM Master Instructor

Your Contact:

Aditya Kashyap
PEM Partner India

+91 701163 9525
+91 983388 0402


Location and Dates:

June, 2019

Price and booking:

To be announced soon!

Our Partner:

Aditya Kashyap

strategic investment & business development partner in India & South East Asia
(Investment Banker and former VP JP Morgan Chase Bank)

Mobile: + 91 7011639525
WhatsApp: +91 9833880402

Online One-on-one-sessions


  • Do you need to work on an audition piece and cannot access the right emotions?
  • Did you feel frustrated with the inability to readliy trigger your emotions during your last audition?
  • Do you want to learn this biological access to emotions individually or simply deepen your knowledge of PEM?

We offer online training sessions with PEM Master Instructor Sarah Victoria.

PEM Instructors:

Sarah Victoria
PEM Master Instructor

Price and booking:

Please go to Online Training to book your session!

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