PEM in Japan

4-day workshops in Osaka and Tokyo!

PEM (The Perdekamp Emotional Method) is a groundbreaking biological and non-psychological method for easy access to expressing and processing emotions.

What will you get?

● A comprehensive experience of the principles of PEM´s biological acting method and its step by step process.
● Application of the trigger-points that give actors easy, safe, immediate and repeatable access to the six basic core emotions.
● Additional exercises are explored to reach a complex range of intensity and levels of emotional expression both physically and vocally.
● Profound and emotionally dynamic ways of working without recourse to personal experiences, history or traumas.
● Sessions will include embodiment through Breath and Vocal Release, Presence, Energetic Connection, Ensemble work, Emotional Communication, Character and Text.

„PEM is truly unique and gives power, freedom, craft and dignity back to the actor. It is fast becoming an indispensable part of the modern actor’s craft.“

Workshops in Osaka and Tokyo: Early 2018 – Dates to be announced soon!