Workshops and Classes in the United States

PEM intensive workshops in NYC

PEM – An Innovative Psychophysical and Biophysical  method
for easy access to expressing and processing emotions.

PEM 1 Five-Day Workshop

The PEM 1 Five-Day Workshop introduces:

  • A comprehensive experience of the principles of PEM´s biological acting method and its  step by step process.
  • Application of the trigger-points that give actors easy, safe and immediate access to six basic core emotions.
  • Additional exercises are explored to reach a complex range of intensity and levels of emotional expression both physically and vocally.
  • Practiced without recourse to personal experiences, history or traumas.
  • Practice sessions will include embodiment through Breath and Vocal Release, Expressive Gesture, Expressive Interaction and Text

Dates: New dates to be announced soon

PEM 1 Two-Day Workshop

Dates: New dates to be announced soon

PEM 2 Five-Day Workshop

The PEM 2 Five-Day Workshop is designed for those actors who have participated in PEM 1 – at least a four day intensive. PEM 2 goes deeper and becomes subtler as the actor’s instruments become clearer and more finely tuned. Master Instructor Sarah Victoria will take actors through:

  • In depth training for the technical principals of PEM (permeability, separation of means, action-reaction)
  • emotional vocal expression,
  • Further emotional exercises for deeper and more immediate emotional access
  • Deepening the Team work exercises
  • Working on flow, presence and tension
  • Advanced Separation of means: multi layered mask work
  • Emotional Transition training (how to play: realisation, understanding, inner conflict, change of mood)
  • How to use PEM for dramatic development for a scene
  • Monologue – and scene work according to PEM using the Marker technique.

This training is for actors with a firm grasp of the fundamentals of PEM and is not to be missed by those who want to go deeper into this complete and holistic acting method.

Dates: New dates to be announced soon

Actors Movement Studio NYC

PEM is a great method of acting. This method is completely different from all other methods I’ve learned. I believe that PEM should be a part of all actor’s training.

Justin Younts, New York City