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February 2016

PEM presentation at the Royal Society of Medicine

By | 2016-02-26T09:54:18+00:00 February 26th, 2016|News|

PEM creator Stephan Perdekamp and PEM Master Instructor Sarah Victoria held a very successful speech at the "NCH Hypnotherapy Conference Extravaganza 2016“, the annual event of the National Council for Hypnotherapy about PEM's revolutionary access to emotions and how this process can not only help actors but everybody who would like to understand how emotions work. Comments about our presentation ranged from 'completely new knowledge', 'immensely wide application possibilities', and 'Stephan Perdekamp is a genius', to 'Sarah Victoria's acting was scarily awesome' and 'emotions finally explained in a coherent system'. The NCH - representing a section of the Royal Society of Medicine [...]

“Solent is one of only two UK institutions to offer new technique to young actors” – an interview with Maggie Tarver for the Solent University blog!

By | 2016-02-15T22:36:24+00:00 February 15th, 2016|News|

Southampton Solent University will be one of only two institutions in the UK to be able to offer an innovative new acting method, following BA (Hons) Performance Course Leader, Maggie Tarver, being certified as a Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM) instructor. Created by Stephan Perdekamp 13 years ago, PEM is a revolutionary system that uses biological impulses and systems to access emotions without the need for actors to recall painful memories. “I have worked in the performing arts industry as a professional for over 40 years,” says Maggie, “and finally feel so relieved that I have found a technique that is [...]

Sold-out PEM workshop at Surviving Actors London!

By | 2016-02-10T09:52:57+00:00 February 10th, 2016|News|

PEM had a very successful day at the Surviving Actors event in London yesterday. PEM Master Instructor Sarah Victoria, Senior Lecturer, Course Leader at Solent University and PEM Instructor Maggie Tarver with the support of the member of our PEM dedicated group Peter Revel-Walsh shared our knowledge in a sold-out PEM workshop. Thank you to everyone of our dedicated group who helped us at the stall and Georgia Watson, our PEM administration UK. Thank you all at the event who stopped by at our stall yesterday and had a chat with us. It was a pleasure meeting you all! Some of the great [...]

PEM at Surviving Actors

By | 2016-02-04T17:49:05+00:00 February 4th, 2016|News|

Only 2 days until Surviving Actors !!! Saturday, 6 February, 10am - 5pm, at the Radisson Blu Portman Hotel in London! Surviving Actors is on its way again for the 7th year in London, an event created by actors, for actors to help and encourage professionals in all areas of their life as a performer. The PEM Workshop at this event is already booked out but we would love to chat with you at our table. Visit us any time during the day! We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you!

PEM goes Istanbul!

By | 2016-02-01T09:45:42+00:00 February 1st, 2016|News|

Shortly after opening our UK branch in London, our next endeavour brings us to Turkey. We are in the process of establishing a PEM Center in Istanbul in cooperation with Turkish actress and dubbing artist Oya Pervin Pelit. Oya is the head of the production company DNS Studios. Coming from a highly artistic family, she acted in her first movie at age two. During her career, she made a name for herself as voice-over and dubbing artist, lending her voice to many beloved TV and film actresses (Marion Cotillard, Kim Cattrall, Edith Piaf, Roseanne Barr and many more). Oya will [...]