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PEM is based on human biology. Because of this we have found that our processes are useful in many areas beyond the artistic realm. We offer course in our centres in Hamburg and Melbourne as well as online training worldwide. We are happy to tailor programs to suit particular requirements and also offer the possibility of train the trainer programs. Please contact us for information: 

Stress Relief and Anxiety Management

During the current COVID-19 pandemic PEM is offering 30 minute online Personal Development sessions to help you reduce your stress and manage your emotions. 

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“PEM is the most effective method regarding the dealing with human emotion that I have ever encountered” – Patrick Frottier, Psychologist/Therapist, France/Austria

These are emotionally trying times and for those of us in isolation, it is easy for feelings of fear and stress to become restricted in our bodies. Emotions are biological movement patterns and when they are repressed by our circumstances, we need to release them in a structured, healthy and physical way.  

PEM techniques are based on human biology and originally designed to equip actors with emotional competence, accessing emotions on a purely physical basis – without recourse to personal experiences or emotional memory. We have been teaching this healthy physical approach for over 25 years and we have found that creating ownership over your emotional processes is useful in many areas beyond the artistic realm. Since 1998 we have been offering well-being and personal development courses and have been coaching thousands of people to support them in the areas of depression, burn out, stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, PTSD in countries like Germany, Austria, England, USA, Japan, India, Australia, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Singapore, New Zealand, Turkey, France, and South Africa.

In 2013, the effects of PEM were scientifically supported in a study funded by the Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth in Austria. The results were then acknowledged by the Academy of Science in Vienna, Austria.

In the sessions we will guide you through exercises that you can use on a daily basis to help you handle what you may be facing at this time. 

All you need is a computer or tablet with a camera!

Out of consideration for many of us in financial hardship at this time, we are offering these sessions at half the price at $20. Book now 

The PEM Instructor Team looks forward to sharing our knowledge with you!

Stress Relief and Anxiety Management for Families

During the current COVID-19 pandemic and the urgent need to stay at home to flatten the curve, families are now spending a lot more time together than they normally would.

For most, this can be a wonderful opportunity to connect and support each other while we go through this uncertain time.

For others, this may be a time where stress and tensions increase. 

We can assist you through coping with the wave of emotions that may arise during this time with our half hour stress-relief and anxiety-management sessions. We will guide you through exercises that you can use on a daily basis to help you handle what you may be facing at this time.

We would like to support any families in need of anxiety relief by offering a $20 (per family) 30 minute try out session.

These exercises are suitable for all ages, so get the whole family involved!


Please go to the scheduler below to book and pay for your session. Remember to set your time zone.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you!

Due to the financial hardship of Covid-19, we are offering 30 mins try-out sessions at half the price!