Actress Liana Brener shares her PEM experience

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Actress Liana Brener from Melbourne spent three weeks at the PEM Center in Hamburg, Germany. Here is her post about her experiences and impressions. Thank you Liana for sharing this with us!

“My time in Hamburg last month saw me experience a level of actor training, incomparable to anything I had experienced before
…I knew before I went I would come back different, but I didn’t yet know that it meant I would not only expand as an actor, but expand as a human being, and feel more like myself than ever before.
I had no doubt the intense training there would increase my acting skills, but I didn’t quite expect I would also experience what it truly meant to be an artist.
I had a strong feeling that it would have a positive affect on my every day life, but I hadn’t fully considered the power it had in teaching me about being a parent, relating to others, as well as taking care of my overall mental and physical well being….My mind and body had not been this relaxed and quiet in 15 years and all this after 3 weeks of training!
Needles to say, my time there exceeded my expectations, and I’m so excited PEM is coming back to Australia for everyone to experience.
Thank you so much to Stephan, Sarah and Kristina for everything. You saw in me what few had noticed before and I am eternally grateful, not only for the world class training, but for your guidance, support, and belief in me.
A big thank you also,to Rik Stowman, who has been working himself to the bone, sacrificing sleep, and putting up with my very funny jokes in order to make PEM happen in Australia.
To all the incredible artists at the PEM Centre in Hamburg. Thank you all for making me feel so welcome and a part of the team. 
Miss you all!”

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