First PEM representative in Australia!

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rick-stowmanWe are proud to announce our PEM Representative in Australia, Rik Stowman. Welcome to our team, Rik!

Actor and writer Rik Stowman about the PEM process:
“PEM is a revelation. No more psychological excavation or having to imagine awful things. What a relief! To connect and act from true impulse to true impulse. To understand the vital difference between true animal emotion and psychologically processed feelings. This is liberation to me.
Stephan Perdekamp has redefined acting by rediscovering what it is to be a fully alive human being and in so doing has restored my dignity as an artist and my faith in the craft. And no small part of this is his master instructor and my mentor Sarah Victoria.
I highly recommend PEM to any actor who wishes to remain healthy and balanced whilst exploring the depth of their craft.”

Stay tuned for more about our workshop tour to Australia, New Zealand and India!


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