PEM Foundation Course in Melbourne!

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The first Foundation Workshop in Australia was a great success! Congratulations to PEM representative Rik Stowman who held his first class and shared the PEM knowledge so capably with Australian actors. Always a pleasure to welcome a dedicated teacher aboard! 🙂

Testimonials from the day:
“Such a rewarding day Rik! The Foundation Workshop has left me hungry for more of this technique which is an incredibly empowering and liberating process as an actor, and as a good human. Thank you.”
Sandra Morrison actress

“Thanks Rik Stowman, what an amazing way to work and so quick and effective. Looking forward to working more with this technique 
Anna Mai Hoek actress

“Every actor, nay, every PERSON should be trying out PEM for themselves. Throughout the day I experienced a level of relaxation I struggle to find even during yoga class, let alone during a highly emotional acting class! I was worried that it was going to be incredibly intense but I felt relaxed, calm and free and easily able to do what Rik was asking of me. I’m definitely going to keep going with this method. Rik was a wonderful, kind supportive and caring teacher, making sure everyone felt included and was able to grasp each concept. Give it a shot!”
Sophie Power actress


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