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“PEM is the alphabet of our art.”

Carina Buena, actress, Romaina

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A fascinating approach to acting that is clear, concise and contemporary.

Richard Listor, actor, London

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If I could sum up PEM in one word it’s “confidence”

Justin Younts, actor, New York

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More comments about PEM from artists worldwide:

I greatly enjoyed the PEM workshop. Thank you for showing me the specificity and breadth of the strength and history of the internal organs and how to expand on emotional range with care, and strong focus. What an experience! All actors must be aware!
Amelia Campbell – Actor

PEM was exceptionally useful in opening up the body to a range of emotions allowing each actor in the day to discover and feel how there body reacts to stimuli. In my opinion It has been the most effective technique I’ve learned to find truth in my work. I applied it verbatim one night, and found it to help exponentially, I was immediately connected and cried on cue.
Badaidilaga Maftuh-Flynn – Actor

It was a re-assuring moment that, when focused and listening to our bodies, we can create a tangible kinaesthetic connection with ourselves and our scene partners.
Jordan Steer – Actor

I found the course not only interesting but also very much applicable to the work we are covering. The information was delivered clearly and in a straight forward manner. I understood what we were talking about and where we were headed with the information. So in short…More please 🙂
Justin Miltenyi – Actor

I found the method extremely useful in exploring emotions and how they connect to the body. The workshop leaders provided a safe environment for us to access strong emotions and gave us techniques on how to drop back to a neutral state safely. I would love to learn more about the method as I found it easy to engage with and it provided a great alternative to other acting techniques that are more emotionally tolling.
Jade Paskins – Actor

I found the physical exploration of a variety of emotional responses valuable in that I enjoyed finding a physical path to emotional release as an alternative to traditional substitutional methods. Very engaging, fun and enlightening workshop.
Mark Barry – Actor

PEM recognises the importance of being safe whilst going in and out of the heavy and widespread emotions that one comes across when acting. I think every actor should have this experience, to understand how the body also connects through to emotion. The class was amazing, i only wish i had more time to continue playing and exploring this style of access. Thank you.
Rebecca Robertson – Actor

PEM  – It was a highly intuitive and unique course. Offered an actor a different, more practical and, more importantly, healthy avenue in which to access extreme emotional states. Best.
Chelsea Annie Needham – Actor

Julio Mascaraque, actor, Madrid, Spain
An incredible way to access emotions and characters in a deep, safe, liberating and exciting manner. I’m so grateful to PEM Acting. It surprises me every day.

Carina Bunea, drama student at the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj
This method is a true blessing to any actor. I finally discovered my body and every cell of it for this is the alphabet of our art.

Lupan Raluca, Actress, PhD student, Romania
If you think you know all….THINK AGAIN! PEM Perdekamp Emotional Method is a way to always have a safety net!

Fleur de Lima, Artistic Director at TAT, the Netherlands
PEM introduces a clear, practical and rewarding technique to connect and present authentic emotions. It can be applied to film, theatre or TV and creates consistent, truthful performances. A very welcome technique to add to your pallet as an actor.

Sarah Haaf, Actor, Los Angeles, CA, USA
The nature of PEM, in which we access our emotions through physicality, is extremely complimentary to any and all forms of acting techniques. In my personal experience, I was impressed with how quickly I could find emotions that seem to hide in one spot, and bring those emotions to my fingertips and toes. It keeps acting alive, and electric throughout the body, which can then allow for complete connection with the other actor. It is a well thought out, well researched, natural state of organic emotional work.

Cezar Lungu, acting student 3rd year, Romania
Stephan Perdekamp knows where to search when you don’t know where to search. He’s like Mozart, he has a beautiful art.

Nathanjohn Carter, Actor, London, New York and Los Angeles
I learned the quickness you can grab hold of your emotions from a physical point of view. What I studied before was all very thought processed, learning the script, thinking about these things. And I guess what was missing were the organics which makes you literally be unique.That’s what I saw in everybody at the workshop: people experience happiness, sadness and pain and all of these feelings in totally unique ways. It’s definitely useable next to other methods. And as an actor that’s what I’m looking for: to be able to trigger into those or capture those moments, that’s probably the most important thing. PEM is applicable to my craft, in my case, particularly within the screen acting process.

Michael Salami, Actor, London
We learned about different emotions and how to draw to them really quickly without the stress of how to get rid of them afterwards. It’s new, interesting and exciting! PEM is 100% directly applicable to my craft. I feel like every actor should be able to use this method and these techniques because it’s so useful and so easy to use. If you practice as well, you can become a master in it which I plan to do.

Tatu Alexandru, acting student 1st year Masterclass, Romania
Stephan Perdekamp is a very nice, kind and gentle person. He is patient and very dedicated to his craft. He cares about his students, always asking „have you understood? Is everything clear?“ He won’t move on until he feels you really understood.

Zadok Samson, writer, director, Amsterdam
When I direct, I’m always looking for some kind of way to help them to connect with their emotions and PEM is just really great with that. But it’s also good because I can try out myself now to see what direction does the character need to go. Getting into character is a lot easier now. PEM is very intense because you experience all those emotions in a very pure way. When I saw the actors doing PEM, I saw their energy filling up the room, they were radiating their emotions. I was able to adapt all these techniques very easily.

Kevin Layne, Actor, London, Holder of the first PEM – Scholarship
PEM is a very effective method. It’s a way of channeling emotion through your bodily function rather than thought. That helps because it eliminates the time that it may take to evoke emotions if you’re using just thought. PEM added new dimensions to my acting.

Vasiliu Radu Adrian, acting student 1st year Masterclass, Romania
It was cathartic to watch other actors training PEM.

Alejandra Espinosa, Actress, Miami
PEM is a very powerful tool for anybody and I find this technique very easy to apply. The best part is I got all the information, all the exercises and I can practice it on my own. I feel more secure as a person, as an actor. It’s a very logical technique, very easy, practical, very useful! It’s amazing!

Tafari Lawton, Actor, New York
PEM is going to help me develop as an actor like tenfold.

Ingmar Sauer, actor, filmmaker, Rotterdam
PEM is amazing and joyful. With PEM, you don’t need to be afraid of experiencing your emotions. The people in the workshop came much closer together and really with depth. I’m going to share this with a lot of people around me, so thank you so much!

Robert Castellitz, Director of the Theatre of Freiburg, Germany
I noticed about PEM that the acting coaches and their students have a very open
and postive energy and a high level of presence around them.

Yinka Emanuel Onitiri, Actor, London
PEM is colourful, innovative, creative, natural. It is a rollercoaster and a journey.

Kristina Heuer, Singer, Composer, Musician
Music is the bearer of emotions. PEM allows me to express these emotions with my voice and make them audible and tangible for the audience. My music gains depth and intensity and the sounds literally come to life. Singing is a process in the body and therefore the physical exercises of PEM apply to it. My voice has become more versatile and flexible. I can reliably repeat my performances without depending on how I feel on a particular day. I fell more secure and in control and can concentrate on the quintessence of singing – the emotions! PEM is for me the all-embracing tool between both singing-technique and emotional expression.

Jessica Morrison, test engineer, singer, musician, Ireland and the Netherlands
This was my first acting class. I learned that you can trigger emotions physically which I would have never thought about before and never thought it would work so quickly. That surprised me because never having taken any acting classes before, I would have thought, okay, I’m not going to get this probably but it was immediate. That was pretty amazing and I really didn’t think that would be possible. PEM is very intense, emotional, intuitive and real. We were all very present and open in the class, compared to when we first walked in this morning, even after a short time, everyone was much more opened up and a lot of energy flowing constantly.

Carlo Duvivié, Guitarist, Austria
It was a great, marvellous and wonderfully touching experience to create new boundaries together with the director, the actress and this unique artistic method PEM.

Our collaboration shaped an atmosphere which emphasized Manuel de Falla’s musical grandeur, rather than jeopardize or drown his work. We were able to bring his music more deeply and grippingly to the present and allow it to thrive in all its preciousness and distinctiveness, which was utterly enjoyable both for the artists and the audience. Such a degree of vivid performing/performance makes the artistic memories of this moment ever-present.

Jennie Jacobs, Actress, London
I’ve only ever used emotional memory before. Whenever I’ve tried to bring physicality to a character, it’s been almost pantomime. Whereas today has linked physicality to emotion for me. So, all of a sudden it’s like the lines have been connected. PEM is cathartic without being exhausting, without breaking you.

Paul Harris, Actor, London
PEM has made me a better actor. I highly recommend it to every actor in the world.

Tatu Alexandru, actor, Romania
PEM is real. That’s what makes it so beautiful. Once you’re there and you understand, it’s amazing, refreshing, it’s real and it’s here and now. It keeps you in present time. PEM is a method that speaks to the actor of tomorrow.

Nathan Thompson, Actor, London
I learned accessing different emotions and feel the effects and use them to whatever play you are doing or whatever character you are in. PEM for me is discovering, witchcraft and enlightening. I most definitely recommend PEM. I think definitely in England anyway, we are always taught to hold on to our emotions and we have a huge great fear of letting go. PEM is a very easy and quick way to break that down.

Frederick We, Dancer and Choreographer, Hamburg
I am a professional dancer and choreographer and to me learning PEM felt like getting to know a whole new world. This new method really shows me how to take my whole self and go deeper into it and really get to know myself better as an artist and as a person. When I perform it’s very important to transfer your emotions to the audience, to really let the audience feel what you feel. PEM shows me how to get a grip of my own emotions.
I would definitely recommend PEM for everyone who wants to be an actor or an artist in general, and everyone who wants to really feel themselves and make other people feel what they feel. It’s the perfect tool to master your craft.

Morgan Thomas, Actor, Wales
I attended introduction sessions in London for Perdekamp Emotional Method. Having trained and performed with methods of Stanislavsky, Boal & Meisner, I found PEM to offer a completely new way of approaching acting technique. The workshops were delivered so well and challenged from the start in a supportive environment.  I not only feel hungry to learn more of this powerful method but feel I would be restricting myself as a performer if I were not to train further in this technique.  I found its application to screen acting particularly interesting.

Robert Holden, Actor, Brighton
Stephan Perdekamp has created a method that is truly an actor’s dream. What excites me most is that PEM is like chess. Easy to learn, and fun to play but you can spend your life mastering it.

Marina Rigueira, Actress, Brazil and London
It was amazing how quickly you can get in and out of feelings. I’ve learnt so many things I haven’t been taught before this way. Through PEM it’s a very different kind of change, it’s just more immediate, that was really new to me. PEM is power, discovery and investigation. I would totally recommend PEM. It increased so much of what you can do as an actor, it gives you so much.

Jayson Bartlett, Playwright, Director, Barnsley
PEM offers a uniquely natural, yet powerful emotional gateway creating explosive energy through physical and emotional techniques. This is achieved through a revolutionary new concept. This develops higher levels of emotional performance, while protecting the performer –  framing a more realistic performance and creative experience for the audience.

Josh Sutherland, Actor, Writer and Director
I would highly recommend PEM. In just one workshop I was taught to feel genuine emotion instantly – something many actors would kill for. I left the workshop in a bubble of joy.

Georgia, Actress, London
After watching a couple of videos about PEM on youtube, I thought this must be too good to be true, so I decided to try this out and I loved it. I had quite a difficult time accessing my emotions and this method gave me so much more confidence and a really powerful trigger for accessing emotions.

Stefanie Wallis, Actress, London
In the PEM workshop I learned a fantastic method which worked for me. In a lot of trainings and a lot of methods, as an actress you feel you have to try to convey this emotion and often it can be far too much, especially in film acting where you don’t have to move much at all. And what the PEM really hits home to you, is that you truly embody the emotion that you are trying to carry out by focusing on your internal.

Jessica Webb, Trainee Actress, London
I would absolutely recommend PEM. No other method I have seen gets emotions.

Elizabeth Marnie, Actor, London
It was really interesting watching how other people reacted to the PEM because it’s their first time. The speed they got into the emotions and how shocked they were they got there so quickly was really interesting.

Susanna Hogan, Opera singer, London
PEM has given me a quick and powerful way to access emotions without having to think. This approach works very well for me as a singer because it is based on the breath and involves the whole body.

Guy Walsh, Actor, Brighton
I learned how to use my physicality to create authentic feeling emotions. The main difference between PEM and other acting methods is that you can slide in and out of different emotions without traumatizing yourself. What’s most amazing is how authentic those emotions appear, despite not having a personal connection with them. PEM is simple, physical, real, amazing!

Richard Listor, Actor, London
PEM offers the actor an extraordinarily specific methodology for utilizing the breath to stir physical and emotional responses from the body. It gave me a glimpse into the ways in which the processes of the body govern our emotional behaviour and certainly helped me to recognize different ways in which I inhibit these processes in my craft, and in my life. A fascinating approach to acting that is clear, concise and contemporary.

Brigitte Millar, Actor, Ireland and London
I learned some really powerful and easy techniques to get into very powerful emotions. The difference is you don’t have to think about anything, it is very organic and you don’t have to have any emotional recall. It’s very easy to learn, very quick and extremely powerful. I would recommend PEM because it works.

Onur Orkut, Acting Tutor at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), Liverpool
PEM is a way I have not done things before. It is much more animalistic and muscular rather than intellectual. I would recommend it to any intellectual and head-bound actor. It might be useful for them.

Mutiya Balogun, Actress, London
People have been acting for years and they haven’t managed to come up with another method. We use the same methods we’ve always been taught. What Perdekamp has come up with is quite amazing. PEM is new and refreshing and I think all actors should try it.

Geoffrey Webb, Workshop Participant, London
The ability to sob and cry was totally alien to me. It was an enriching experience. I certainly never felt the ability to portray the strength of emotion like that. That was an amazing discovery!

Joshua Varty, Actor, Brighton
PEM is different because it doesn’t try to bring out emotions or memories that will make you tear up or fall apart. It’s just simply building on your physicality and from there on the emotion.

Kris Hallett, Artistic Director, London
With the PEM we can find emotions purely through a physical context. We can literally turn off our minds completely. PEM is internal and instinctive.

Carolina Fonseca, Dancer, Portugal and New York
Normally, dancers don’t learn to work with emotions. They just learn forms in the space. PEM is a very practical way of putting emotions in the face and in the body together. This is something I always liked to learn about emotions and how to dance that in a true way. It was a very deep experience!

Sven Ruygrok, Actor, Cape Town
With PEM I am truly beginning to understand the psyche of the human mind and body and am completely and utterly compelled by this method. It is new, simplistic and it works with amazing efficiency.

Randa Hajallie, Actress, London
PEM is a great way for switching between emotions. This is very hard to do in your mind but here, every emotion is physically and internally connected to your body. It feels very natural. I’ve never come across anything like it before.

Özlem Winkler-Özkan, Singer, Actress, Turkey/Germany
Working with the PEM makes you clear and intense about everything you do on stage or film. Whether I act or do Opera, I get instantly noticed – and hired.

Katherine Lunney, Actress, London
PEM is focused on creating a natural performance without having to tap into any emotional memory or using the mind at all.