PEM Studios Australia

PEM Workshops are held across Australia from our studios in Melbourne to WAAPA to NIDA and to everywhere in between; giving Actors the access to authentic emotions without recourse to their personal and past experience.</P

Actors will learn to apply trigger points, allowing safe and immediate access to true emotions.

Presence is inevitable in Actors when they are fully engaged emotionally and energetically, with their environment and each other. Take your craft to the next level and find your nearest PEM workshop.

Workshops Available

PEM Introductory 3 Day Intensive

    • Day 1 (6 hours): The first day gives an insight into the unique biological process of PEM and practice the emotional access triggers for the basic emotions aggression, happiness, grief, lust, fear and revulsion. The simple and effective exercises will help actors overcome personal restrictions and emotional blockages.
    • Day 2 (6 hours): The second day will introduce exercises for acting principles such as energetic perception, permeability, energetic flow, reacting to impulses and presence. These exercises prepare the actor to give their performance physical authenticity. The last part of day two will introduce how to apply emotions to text (monologues).
    • Day 3 (6 hours): The third day introduces PEM’s character work to enable the performer to physically get into and out of characters. PEM text work will be combined and connected with PEM character work.

This workshop will be held in English and run by PEM Master Instructor Sarah Victoria and Australian PEM Representative Rik Stowman

PEM 3 Month Program

Upskilling Program for actors with experience who want to add PEM to their tool box

Actors receive acting training through the biological process of The Perdekamp Emotional Method. The course focuses on:

  • Emotional training: unblocking and building up emotional fitness and stamina
  • Truthful emotional communication and interaction
  • Training in presence and “being in the moment”
  • Voice training
  • Improvisation
  • Character work
  • Monologue/Scene Work

The course runs for 12 hours per week for 12 weeks. It is for actors who:

  • Have experience who want to add PEM to their toolbox
  • Are eager to delve deeper into the technique.
  • Want to explore the application of the approach into acting and performance on a professional level.

The course culminates in a Monologue/Scene Showcase.

Entry By Interview

PEM 1 Year Intensive Program

1 Year Intensive Program for actors who want to integrate PEM fully into their craft

Actors receive all of the same acting training through the biological process of The Perdekamp Emotional Method as in the 3 month course in addition to:

  • Biological acting principles
  • Comprehensive emotional training
  • Truthful emotional interaction
  • Training in presence and being in the moment
  • Voice / Breath
  • Bodywork
  • Action / Reaction
  • Generating energetic atmospheres
  • Subconscious text work
  • Ensemble work
  • Improvisation
  • Immediacy in performance
  • In-depth and embodied character work
  • Monologue / Scene work
  • Devising a one act play

The course runs for 16 hours per week for 40 weeks and culminates in a Monologue/Scene Showcase performance and One Act Play Showcase. Additional Showreel options available on request

Entry By Audition

Your Instructors

Sarah Victoria

PEM Master Instructor


3 Day Intensive
3 Month Workshop
1 Year Intensive

Rik Stowman

PEM Instructor


3 Day Intensive
3 Month Workshop
1 Year Intensive

Guest Instructors

Stephan Perdekamp

Creator of PEM

Stephan Perdekamp - Creator of the Perdekamp Emotional Method

3 Month Workshop
1 Year Intensive

Kristina Heuer

PEM Master Voice Instructor


3 Month Workshop
1 Year Intensive

Stephan Perdekamp has created something extraordinary, a method using only an actor’s bio-physiology. This is the acting technique for the 21st century – it would have amazed even Stanislavsky!

Peter McAllister, Acting Teacher / Certified PEM Instructor, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

I’m very impressed by the techniques PEM has developed. Ultimately, the physical and the emotional are one.
Mike Alfreds, Director, London
At once new and revolutionary yet somehow timeless and familiar, PEM truly is a paradigm-shift and could well herald in the next major advance in actor training and performance possibility.
Jon Hunter, Senior Acting Tutor – Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School