PEM Studios Germany

The Open Acting Academy is the resident acting school that teaches full-time acting programmes and part-time acting courses in the Perdekamp Emotional Method.

Auditions for the full-time acting programme are held regularly.

For more information on course schedules and registrations, please visit the PEM Center Hamburg website.

If you require information in English, please fill in the contact form requesting English as the preferred language.

Workshops Available

PEM 3-DAY International Workshop

  • Day 1 (6 hours): The first day gives an insight into the unique biological process of PEM and practice the emotional access triggers for the basic emotions aggression, happiness, grief, lust, fear and revulsion. The simple and effective exercises will help actors overcome personal restrictions and emotional blockages.
  • Day 2 (6 hours): The second day will introduce exercises for acting principles such as energetic perception, permeability, energetic flow, reacting to impulses and presence. These exercises prepare the actor to give their performance physical authenticity. The last part of day two will introduce how to apply emotions to text (monologues).
  • Day 3 (6 hours): The third day introduces PEM’s character work to enable the performer to physically get into and out of characters. PEM text work will be combined and connected with PEM character work.

This workshop will be held in English and run by PEM Master Instructor Sarah Victoria.