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The Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM™) provides tools to help you express and manage your emotions.

PEM™ – Perdekamp Emotional Method

PEM™ addresses physiological trigger centres in the nervous system and encourages you to express your emotions authentically, enhancing emotional intelligence and communication skills.

PEM™ teaches you – through a series of awareness exercises – to address those trigger centres, enabling you to access your true emotional system directly and consciously.


Additionally, PEM™ offers a wide range of exercises to clear up unconscious emotional blockages in order to give you access to the basic biological function of emotions and control over your internal emotional processes.

PEM Explained

In collaboration with Professor Tony Attwood, the PEM™ team has developed the state-of-the-art program. This program aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to comprehend their internal cues and effectively regulate their emotional system.
Mental and emotional well-being has a continuous impact on our physical and mental states. Due to various factors, individuals often learn to suppress or disregard their internal emotions, resulting in challenges when it comes to self-regulation.

The PEM™ program serves as a supportive tool for established interventions and therapies related to emotions.

It functions as an empowering mechanism by addressing common underlying symptoms. Through its body-focused training approach, PEM and Kalliso provide a safe, replicable, and authentic means to identify the six fundamental human emotions. It enables individuals to express and ultimately manage these core emotions, as well as the multitude of mixed emotions they experience. Moreover, this training equips therapists with enhanced effectiveness in their interventions, as it establishes foundational skills that complement commonly utilised approaches.

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Guidance in PEM will transform the lives of autistic individuals and their families.

The perception of internal emotions is central to emotion regulation. PEM enables psychologists to more effectively treat emotion disorders.

Prof Tony Attwood

World Leading Expert on Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Isabel Lucas, Actor