Videos of PEM Workshops From Around The World

PEM Acting Class: Romania

“It speaks not to the actor of today, but to the actor of tomorrow.”

Award Winning Actress & Director Motlatji Ditodi Speaks about PEM

“What’s been fascinating about this process is that the physical has been happening without getting yourself mentally into where you need to be, and that’s what fascinates me is the fact that you can feel physiologically what happens, you can get hot when you experience aggression, you have your heart rate pulsing, but there’s nothing that’s actually driving you to be aggressive.”

Sven Ruygrok Talking about PEM

“This is a method that is very simple. It can get you in, and out, with the greatest of ease, and the greatest of effect.”

Paradigm Shift In Acting: How To Access Emotions Instantly

“I like the engineering of it. The technical, where it actually comes from the body.”

PEM Acting Class Most Effective Trigger Of Emotions

“It’s an approach that doesn’t ask you to engage your brain, but asks you to engage your body.”

PEM Acting Class: New York City

“The difference between that and other acting classes, or other classes, is the fact that you’re showing how to access those particular facial expressions, emotions, and so forth and so on, to move forward.”

PEM Acting Class: Miami

“I really do feel more confident, comfortable, and secure in being able to achieve all these nuances and emotions when they’re called for in the world of film take.”

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