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“PEM is the alphabet of our art.”

Carina Buena, actress, Romaina

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A fascinating approach to acting that is clear, concise and contemporary.

Richard Listor, actor, London

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If I could sum up PEM in one word it’s “confidence”

Justin Younts, actor, New York

PEM Workshops and Classes in Australia

Online Term Classes

Upskilling Program

for actors who want to learn about PEM and explore its approach to acting


18th February 2021

3 month

Upskilling Program

for actors with experience who want to add PEM to their tool box

– Entry by interview –

 15th February 2021

1 year

Intensive Program

for actors who want to integrate PEM fully into their craft

– Entry by audition –


Applications now open

Workshops in Melbourne



The Perdekamp Emotional Method PEM is a comprehensive acting method that integrates all subjects necessary for acting: emotional work, text work, character work, voice work, movement etc. All subjects are based on the same techniques and principles.

PEM was developed by German director and playwright Stephan Perdekamp and provides performers with a safe, healthy and reliable access to authentic emotions, independent from personal experiences or memories.

PEM integrates the whole nervous system as well as subconscious processes that are required for acting. It teaches actors to put subconscious processes into the consciousness and reliably repeat them without letting them get stale. PEM was created to take care of the actor and their well-being.

It is taught at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and at the leading drama universities in Australia NIDA, VCA and WAAPA.

Day 1 (6 hours): The first day gives an insight into the unique biological process of PEM and practice the emotional access triggers for the basic emotions aggression, happiness, grief, lust, fear and revulsion. The simple and effective exercises will help actors overcome personal restrictions and emotional blockages.

Day 2 (6 hours): The second day will introduce exercises for acting principles such as energetic perception, permeability, energetic flow, reacting to impulses and presence. These exercises prepare the actor to give their performance physical authenticity. The last part of day two will introduce how to apply emotions to text (monologues).

Day 3 (6 hours): The third day introduces PEM’s character work to enable the performer to physically get into and out of characters. PEM text work will be combined and connected with PEM character work.

PEM is not responsible for flights or other travel costs incurred. 

 Places are strictly limited, Book now! 


PEM Studios Melbourne
6 Albert Place, South Melbourne. 

Google Map:


New dates to be announced


11AM – 6PM
1hr lunch break 


$450 AUS

MEAA Equity 10% discount available. Please email with your number and a payment link will be sent to you. 


For bookings please email

Workshops in Adelaide


This workshop offers various options for the non-actor, to the beginner, to the experienced actor. Each option provides  a comprehensive experience of PEM’s biological acting method using the bio-physiology alone.

What will you get?

  • A comprehensive experience of the principles of PEM´s biological acting method and its step by step process.
  • Application of the trigger-points that give actors easy, safe, immediate and repeatable access to the six basic core emotions.
  • Additional exercises are explored to reach a complex range of intensity and levels of emotional expression both physically and vocally.
  • Profound and emotionally dynamic ways of working without recourse to personal experiences, history or traumas.
  • Sessions will include embodiment through Breath and Vocal Release, Presence, Energetic Connection, Ensemble work, Emotional Communication, Character and Text.

PEM fundamentals for non-actors:
This workshops aims at singers, dancers, therapists, psychologists or anyone wanting to try PEM.

PEM Level 1:
For actors with no or little experience with PEM.

PEM Level 2:
For actors with previous PEM experience and those who participated in PEM Level 1.

Costs for each day: 150$
10% discount for MEAA members

Book early!

Location and Dates:

Adelaide: New dates to be announced.    



Jennifer Innes