Say goodbye to using imaginative or emotional recall techniques in your acting.

Kalliso’s Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM) is a groundbreaking, globally-acclaimed acting method that provides actors with a direct, effortless and safe access to authentic emotion on a purely physical basis, without using personal experiences or emotional memory.

Taught at Universities

30+ Years of Research and Development

7000+ Actors from Over 55 Countries Coached

A Revolutionary Approach to Acting.

Developed by German playwright and director Stephan Perdekamp, PEM is the culmination of decades of theatrical research and experimentation aimed at understanding the biological mechanisms behind emotion.

Through addressing unconscious neurological access points in the nervous system, alongside a series of body-focused exercises unique to PEM, we teach actors to effectively “turn on” emotions at will, freeing them from the constraints of personal history and mental barriers.

Our goal is to provide actors with a safe, reliable means to stretch their artistic horizons and  craft emotionally authentic performances without sacrificing their wellbeing or mental health. 

Physical access to authentic emotion.

Sustain intense emotional states safely and repeatably.

Reframe what emotions are and how they can be utilised for your craft. 

Expand emotional range & performance capability beyond personal experience.

Work through personal blocks and limitations.

A comprehensive method that can be honed and developed over a career.

Ways To Learn

Online Courses

With over a decade of experience teaching online, we have multiple course and workshop options available to actors internationally.

In-Person Workshops

We hold workshops all around the globe – take a look at our current schedule and see if we’re coming to a city near you.

Online 1:1 Sessions

Receive in-depth and focused coaching tailored for your current artistic and career requirements.

How PEM Helps You Nail Your Auditions

Walk into any audition, confident that you’ll leave a lasting impression

  • Quickly and safely switch between different emotions without the emotional hangover
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your emotional processes to expand your acting range
  • Work through personal blocks to maximise your performance potential
  • Access live online classes with experienced coaches
  • 1-on-1 sessions to establish your specific goals and how to achieve them

Ready to Transform Your Craft with PEM?

Join us in unlocking your full potential as an actor. We offer training both online and in-person to actors all around the globe. Book a session or workshop with us today!

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