PEM Acting

The safe access to true emotions!

PEM - The Perdekamp Emotional Method is a fundamental acting tool that ensures the skillful, exact and instant use of authentic emotions. It is a way of accessing emotions on a purely physical basis, without recourse to personal experiences or emotional memory. PEM is taught at four of the major drama universities in Australia, WAAPA, NIDA, VCA and QUT.

PEM has been spearheading the way to the emotional health and well-being of the performer for over two decades.

P.E.M. has a new home!

Kalliso - PEM™

PEM™ has been in development for 30 years.

As the benefits of this method have been studied and experienced by performers all over the world, it has become clear the reach of this approach goes beyond acting.

We have developed and extended the reach of PEM™ to people looking to improve their lives and through recognition and management of their emotions.

To support this new approach and remain true to our acting roots we needed to give this new service a name - Emotion Management and Control Ability - EMCA™.

So Kalliso was born and PEM™ has a new home.

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I notice my students jumping into class work and rehearsals, giving much more of themselves, taking risks, making discoveries and finding more joy in the work.....I find PEM an ethical and non-exploitative approach to lead young actors to intense and deep authentic performances.

Glenda Linscott
Head of Acting at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts
At once new and revolutionary yet somehow timeless and familiar, PEM truly is a paradigm-shift and could well herald in the next major advance in actor training and performance possibility.
Jon Hunter
Senior Acting Tutor – Director and Performance Coach
I am very impressed by the techniques PEM has developed. Ultimately, the physical and the emotional are one.
Mike Alfreds
Director, London
Stephan Perdekamp has created something extraordinary, a method using only an actors bio-physiology. This is the acting technique for the 21st century it would have amazed even Stanislavsky!
Peter McAllister
Acting Teacher / Certified PEM Instructor, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama