PEM Master Instructor Sarah Victoria and PEM certified assistant Enna Blake traveled to Sydney, to teach PEM to NIDA’s second-year actors over two intensive workshops in February and April 2023.

In the first intensive in February, the actors experienced how to safely connect to their emotions using neural triggers, and thus easily switch between deeply authentic emotional states for their performances. Part of the PEM process also teaches the actor how to quickly come out of different emotional states.

The actors had such artistic openness and intensity, and we appreciated the positive feedback from the students.

“I’ve never experienced emotions like this, and it’s so easy to turn them off…”

“Everyone always talks about having tools in your acting toolbox, this is a real tool, it’s so practical…”

During their second intensive, Sarah and Enna returned to take the actors through the next steps of PEM, including applying the emotional work into text and introducing the actors to character work.

“This is the best thing I’ve ever learned in acting.”

Thank you to John Bashford, Head of Acting at NIDA for inviting PEM back for another year. It’s always a pleasure working with such dedicated actors.