PEM presentation at the Royal Society of Medicine

PEM creator Stephan Perdekamp and PEM Master Instructor Sarah Victoria held a very successful speech at the “NCH Hypnotherapy Conference Extravaganza 2016“, the annual event of the National Council for Hypnotherapy about PEM’s revolutionary access to emotions and how this process can not only help actors but everybody who would like to understand how emotions work.

Comments about our presentation ranged from ‘completely new knowledge’, ‘immensely wide application possibilities’, and ‘Stephan Perdekamp is a genius’, to ‘Sarah Victoria’s acting was scarily awesome’ and ’emotions finally explained in a coherent system’.

The NCH – representing a section of the Royal Society of Medicine in the UK – is aiming at shaping the highest standards for the future of hypnotherapy. We are proud to offer our knowledge! Thank you for inviting us to this very special event! And thank you very much, Maggie Tarver for your help and support!

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