Learn PEM online via SKYPE or FaceTime! We offer online training sessions to learn the PEM basics.

You can learn PEM online via Skype or FaceTime. We recommend the PEM online training for you without immediate access to a PEM workshop or for in-depth training in addition to our workshops. So far, numerous actors in Hollywood, New York, Australia, the UK, South Africa, France, the Netherlands, Russia, China and many more countries have benefitted from this tool.

You can book single sessions starting with the 30-minute try-out session or we can follow a detailed curriculum. Please see below for our certification levels. The content of a session can also be determined by you if you would like to work on a specific topic or script.

All sessions are taught by PEM Master Instructor Sarah Victoria who trained directly with PEM creator Stephan Perdekamp.

Students about PEM online coaching sessions:

The claims are true, PEM allows for safe, repeatable access to authentic, full emotion without the need to go into your past or really engage the conscious mind at all. It’s remarkable. I’m learning so much with each Skype session and am amazed at how Sarah has opened up a whole new approach to my work and emotion. My highest recommendation.

Scott Miller, Actor, Los Angeles

PEM skype sessions really changed my acting and also me as a person. I learned how to trigger emotions in my body. This method is very quick and I don’t need to use my personal memories to get into emotions. Frankly, this is excellent.

Agata Pisiewicz, actress, Poland

How it works:

Choose your online coaching package:

30 minutes

  • 30 minutes PEM online coaching

60 minutes

  • 60 minutes PEM online coaching

5x 60 minutes

  • 5x 60 minutes PEM online coaching

10x 60 minutes

  • ’10x 60 minutes PEM online coaching

No additional charges will be incurred. All charges are covered by PEM.

PEM Online Certifications

Achieve the following certification levels through PEM online training:

PEM introduction:

introduction to the basic bio-energetic approach of PEM, access to 3 key emotions of PEM (aggression, happiness, grief, lust)
2 Skype sessions

PEM Level 1:

access to all 6 key emotions of PEM (aggression, happiness, grief, lust, fear, revulsion) and their application to text
5 Skype sessions

PEM Level 2:

Improving your skills – in-depth practice of the 6 key emotions and their application, practice the swift and repeatable switching of emotions
5 Skype sessions

PEM Level 3:

Working on a specific text or monologue with the PEM emotional technique
5 Skype sessions

PEM Level 4:

Introduction of PEM character work and applying it to text
5 Skype sessions

PEM Level 5:

Combing the emotional and character work to create a physical and bio-energetic understanding of roles, working on a specific role for auditions
10 Skype sessions

PEM Level 6:

Scene Work – working on an entire scene with PEM techniques, introduction of PEM teamwork exercises (only possible with a partner)
10 Skype sessions
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