Workshop: safe access to authentic emotions

The PEM Basic Emotions – Workshop offers an unique opportunity to learn about yourself and discover your full potential through developing and strengthening connections between body, voice and mind.

PEM’s biological approach offers a direct and consciously controllable access to emotions. Developed as an acting tool to make acting more safe and more emotional at the same time, it teaches reliable bio-energetic triggers to emotions as well as exercises to work through emotional blockages and resolve pent-up emotional pressure through exact physical exercises.

In this workshop you will learn the physical triggers to the six basic emotions aggression, happiness, grief, lust, fear and revulsion and some of their exercises to release emotional blocks.

Sarah Victoria (PEM Master Instructor)

Dates for the PEM Basic Emotions – Workshop:

Saturday 24th June, 11am – 5.30pm (with 30 minutes lunch break)

Theatre Delicatessen – 2 Finsbury Avenue, EC2M 2PF London.
Venue is less that 10 minutes walk from Liverpool Street Station or Moorgate

Price: £95

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Kata Klug

„Stephan Perdekamp […] has spent decades studying how and where to quickly access essential emotions […] Enabling a safe, biological and easy access to releasing emotions absolutely should be taught in schools […].“

Joanne Wallis, Director on the Board of the National Council for Hypnotherapy, UK

„PEM is the most effective method regarding the dealing with human emotion that I have encountered.“

Patrick Frottier, Psychologist/Therapist, France/Austria

„I found doing PEM to be a unique and empowering method of acting training.  It is very useful for people to learn, as it relates to our emotions and where they come from in ourselves physically.  This is a terrific method for people with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome to study, to help us physically control our emotions.“

Alain, Asperger’s patient, London