PEM testimonial from Senior Lecturer Maggie Tarver, certified PEM instructor

Wecache_2454579430 are pleased to share with you the testimonial from Maggie Tarver, MA (Dist), FHEA, Senior Lecturer and Course Leader BA (Hons) Performance at Southampton Solent University who recently successfully finished the UK PEM Instructor Course and is now one of two certified PEM instructors in the UK:

“It has been a great privilege for me to have been part of the first UK Basic PEM Instructors course. The course has deepened my understanding not only of this brilliant technique but of the nature of human behaviour and our physical and emotional biological expression. I have a deep appreciation of the intricate, carefully-considered steps needed to bring PEM to others. To have had the opportunity to work alongside Sarah Victoria and Stephan Perdekamp has been a huge honour for which I am deeply grateful. 

I have worked in the performing arts industry as a professional for over forty years, and finally feel so relieved that I have found a technique that is easy, reliable, safe and works every time. It has developed my self-awareness and given me choices I never had before. 

In today’s environment as we work more with our intellect, analysing and shying away from emotions, we have become more passive in our interactions due to the development of digital technologies and communication methods. The PEM technique is needed to get us back in touch with our biological selves. It works with our basic human chemistry, allowing us to experience who we are through our organic energies.

The training has given me the opportunity to learn the deep, yet simple, truth of PEM, and I am honoured to become an emissary for this brilliant technique. 

Thank you Sarah and Stephan for this wonderful opportunity and I look forward to working with you both to develop the possibilities for PEM throughout the world.”

Maggie Tarver MA (Dist.); FHEA