Russian actress Nastia Pronina visited the PEM Center Hamburg

12038466_913056478768455_3794159172520750273_nRussian actress Nastia Pronina visited the PEM Center Hamburg this summer to prepare for a movie role with PEM Master Instructor Sarah Victoria. Here is what she says about her experience with PEM:

“I want to thank Sarah Victoria and PEM Perdekamp Emotional Method for a fantastic workshop and experience. It’s an incredible pleasure suddenly realize that people from other countries talk with you in one language. Your system – it is probably the fact that I felt like, but never been able to articulate and work with it. PEM – is the key to authentic emotions through your body. And it does not matter from which country you are, to which acting school you belong. Here I felt that I am equal to myself. Now I know exactly, that our bodies know more about us than our brains. Sarah, thank you for the space. This is really great deal what you do. I am proud to work with you. You are stunning master and the best partner. I am looking forward to our next meeting and hope to see you in Moscow.“