PEM goes Istanbul!

Shortly after opening our UK branch in London, our next endeavour brings us to Turkey. We are in the process of establishing a PEM Center in Istanbul in cooperation with Turkish actress and dubbing artist Oya Pervin Pelit. Oya is the head of the production company DNS Studios. Coming from a highly artistic family, she acted in her first movie at age two. During her career, she made a name for herself as voice-over and dubbing artist, lending her voice to many beloved TV and film actresses (Marion Cotillard, Kim Cattrall, Edith Piaf, Roseanne Barr and many more).

Oya will become the third woman to be in charge of a PEM branch, following Sarah Victoria in London and Özlem Winkler-Özkan in Hamburg. Thank you to these dedicated women to spread the PEM knowledge around the globe!