PEM speech at the Royal Society of Medicine, London

12512351_1305228122827597_69061384982261075_n“PEM is a real gift for therapy” writes Joanne Wallis, director on the board of the National Council of Hypnotherapy in an editorial article from the latest issue of ‘The Hypnotherapy Journal‘ including a review of this year’s NCH Hypnotherapy Conference Extravaganza where PEM was presented to UK therapists at the Royal Society of Medicine.

The broad instant acceptance at the yearly conference was once more proof of PEM’s basic biological approach to emotions.
Joanne Wallis: “Enabling a safe, biological, and easy access to releasing emotions absolutely should be taught in schools.”

The speakers Stephan Perdekamp and Sarah Victoria were approached with several ideas to apply PEM in the health, therapy and well-being sector.

To start the implementation we will offer a PEM workshop on the 17th of April that focuses on the biological approach in order to give therapists, doctors and those interested in the personal development and raising the emotional awareness and intelligence.

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Journal Editorial March 2016