South African actress trains with Stephan Perdekamp in London

13237809_1052527374821364_4094008910360033878_nActress Stevie French from South Africa came to London recently to train with PEM creator Stephan Perdekamp. After being introduced to PEM in an introductory class at the University of Johannesburg, Stevie was eager to continue her training.

She referred to her experiences in the single sessions with Stephan Perdekamp as “incredible work”.

She adds, “Working with PEM has changed me as an actor and getting one on one time with Stephen was completely eye-opening. He tore through my subconscious limitations and helped me connect to the core emotions in my piece by using surprisingly simple physical and mental processes. PEM is about being open, being honest and being natural and Stephen gave me access and confidence.”

Thank you for your visit Stevie! We look forward to sharing more of our knowledge with you!