Comments from the PEM Dedicated Group

Since the beginning of 2016, PEM creator Stephan Perdekamp has trained UK actors in the PEM Dedicated Group in London. The Dedicated Group is a team of professional actors committed to intensive studies and training of the PEM process. It is the aim of this group to establish the first PEM theatre ensemble in the UK and produce PEM plays in London. Here are some comments about their work with Stephan Perdekamp:

“As a coach Stephan asks you to buckle up and then calmly turns your universe upside down in the blink of an eye. He has the ability to see inside you – your hidden fears, dreams and passions – and yet only talk about what is most fundamentally helpful to you at that precise moment. He pushes you to not only become the best actor you can be, but also to become the strongest person he knows you can be.”
Sarah Hickingbottom, actress, London

“Stephan created a method that helps the actor search and recognize then finally remove his emotional and energetic blockages. I will go as far as saying he gives back to the actor his creativity and his artistic independence and he is an incredible mentor.” Alin Balascan, actor

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