Sydney was fantastic!

After our successful workshops there, we continue the tour in Melbourne and Gold Coast.

Here are a few comments by Sydney actors on their PEM workshop experiences:

‘I was fortunate enough to be part of the course for three days. For the first time in a long time I was in tune with my body and had freedom of my instrument. It taped into my body’s core, allowing my body to react with out needing to rely on imagining. In the same way it meant that I didn’t have to relive past trauma and was given the tools to easily diconnect from the emotion. I honestly feel like the technique has not only given me incredible skills as an actor but it has helped me as a person. Sarah is one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met! She is so in tune and guides you through the process wuth true love and care. You can see just how amazing the technique is whatching her in action! If you want to get out of your head as an actor do the course! If you want to experience life as your true self do the course. Just do the course!’
Kellie Clark

‘The PEM technique really is at the cutting edge of acting technique. It is a fantastic way to open oneself up to emotions directly accessed from within the body. I felt so alive and free after working with the exercises. Sarah is very attuned to each student and she has a very helpful and straight forward teaching style. She is a great teacher who makes things fun and enjoyable without any bullshit and it is clear that she is dedicated to her work.’
Alex Cockburn

‘The PEM course is unlike any acting course you’ll ever do, and it’s amazing. The emotional exploration you undertake is deeply cathartic, and each day you’ll come away feeling better than the day before.
Make sure you enter the course with an open mind, in order to access areas of yourself you didn’t know you could, in ways you didn’t know you could.
Sarah Victoria is an exceptional teacher. She’s got an extensive understanding of the PEM method, that she has been practising for over a decade. She’s also highly intelligent and empathic, and took very good care of each of us throughout the course.
If you get a chance to give this course a try, do it!’
Gabi Goddard

Seats for Melbourne and Gold Coast still available!