Feedback from NZ workshop

Amazing feedback has reached us from our 6-day workshop in Wellington, New Zealand, last December! Comments like ‘PEM is what I have been searching for as an actor my entire career‘, ‘PEM transforms your emotional capacity as performers‘ or ‘it’s the quickest shortcut I have ever seen to real emotion‘ had us excited while reading through all messages. Please find the more extensive testimonials below. We look forward to more workshops down under in 2017!

“PEM is what I have been searching for as an actor my entire career. It is the first technique that has ever truly helped me to achieve truthful emotion, and six days has advanced my acting far beyond what I thought I was capable of.”

“Growing up as an actor, I have always sought pleasure in reaching ‘transformation’ with the characters I play, and finding complete translucency from my energy that resonates to the audience while following the journey of my character. With the PEM method of training, I discovered that our body and the organs we have hold their own primal notes, as they hold different functions for producing different emotions. These access points of emotion had been completely untouched through my training, as I would always approach a heightened ’emotional’ scene with a more ‘Heady & Intellectual’ approach, in order to try and wind myself up mentally into the different emotional states required for my character. But what PEM effectively does is bypasses the brain and intellect from having any say over how you produce and find your seeked out emotion, and accesses from a more organic source where the emotion is real, raw, and true. Emotions that we were accessing were intoxicating, overpowering, and liberating. I was astonished as to how quickly my mental state would be influenced with the emotions we were working on accessing, the quickest shortcut I have ever seen to real emotion. It has really provided me with a seriously stable backbone in my awareness of how energy is felt and read by audience, and how the choices we make for harvesting this energy into our characters is crucial. We are recreating real life as actors everyday, and this new tool will allow me to access myself now in so many different ways.”

“PEM has made sense of a whole lot of different concepts I’d come across during my actor training. The PEM training connected the dots for me in a practical way that I can actually put into use in my work (not just know about in my head). PEM is an inspiring method that lets you tap into the infinite knowledge built into our bodies. The training de-mystifies emotions-which are often left to chance or not even talked about- without taking away the mystery, spontaneity and rawness from the work we do. I highly recommend this training.”

“PEM creates a safe, reliable way to access deep emotions. As a performer I was able to instantly create a natural emotion without using painful memories. This concept allows me to snap out of the emotion instantly, creating a safe working environment both physically and mentally. I highly recommend this course to all performers, not just actors, it will open your eyes on performance and transform your emotional capacity as performers!”