Autism for Autism

PEM is not only used as an acting techniques in the Performing Arts but also as a tool in personal development and social projects. A few years back, we started working with autistic people who are often disconnected from their emotions to help them find more emotional stability in their lives. We are now very pleased to announce that ‘Project AFA – autism for autism’ has been founded to offer PEM to as many autistic people as possible. Within days, the projects reached thousands of followers! Please help spread the word to raise even more awareness! We thank you!

Project AFA – an introduction:
Our aim is to use the PEM method to enable as many autistic people as possible to achieve the stability they need to take a confident pathway, to live life on their own terms and to participate in the initial labour market and training market in a sustainable manner.

We are currently using our many years of experience of working with autism to develop an employment promotion measure that is specifically directed at this target group and to this end have also enlisted the help of a person who is affected by the condition who is now Head of AFA – Mr Aaron Wahl.

His continued dedication made it possible to offer the programme in Germany but we also aim at international training opportunities through online training sessions. With the necessary support, we hope to find ways to offer our 11-month training in other countrys as well.

This is an important step which we can take together to give autistic people the opportunity to find permanent employment irrespective of their current training status or financial means.

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