PEM in Japan

Due to the amazing feedback we received after our online workshop with Japanese actors last month, we will offer 4-day PEM workshops in Osaka and Tokyo this December. Please check out this link for more information on the workshops:

Here is some of the comments we received from Japan about their first experiences with PEM:

It feels like an intense ball of emotion is thrown towards me. Different emotions were so close to each other and could be connected. Four different emotions became one. There was also no need for preparation. Where does this power come from? I gained more freedom of expression through PEM. I definitely want to learn more.

No extra efforts are needed to express myself. Amazing.

PEM explained something to me which I always felt but never really understood what it was.
Keiko Nishi

I never imagined it was possible to act without thinking. I can absolutely apply PEM to scenes. It was so much fun! I would love to learn more.
Mio Hayashi

I am so happy to have encountered such a wonderful method. I always believed it would be good to have more tools to create characters differently, and now I found it! I will definitely be at the PEM workshops in December.
Yukiko Ootsuka

I never encountered such a method in my life. It was such a great new experience!
Makiko Watanabe