PEM Autism Workshop in Sydney

Autism Workshop:
PEM – The Mechanics of Emotion
Clarity, Congruence and Communication in everyday relationships.
The Workshop will be attended by Dr. Tony Attwood.

The Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM) in cooperation with the peer project ‘AFA’ (Autisten für Autisten) Hamburg is pleased to offer an introductory 3- hour workshop in Sydney on March the 8th in 2018 for those diagnosed with Aspergers.

Our workshop, ‘The Mechanics of Emotion: Clarity, Congruence and Communication in everyday relationships’, will provide participants with the tools to clarify the physical location and expression of emotion in the body to improve the professional and personal relationships that we encounter in everyday life.

The workshop is based on the ‘AFA’ model we are running in our certified institution in Hamburg and with Aspergers Victoria in Melbourne.

We are also pleased that Dr. Tony Attwood will attend the workshop as we usher in a new and practical approach to provide greater emotional and communicational skills for everyday living!

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