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PEM representative for New Zealand Jon Hunter writes:

“The gifted actor finds in his instinct the wherewithal to catch and project certain forces: but although these forces have their physical pathways within the body and within the organs, he would be completely amazed if someone revealed to them that they exist, for their existence has never occurred to him for a moment.” – Antonin Artaud, ‘The Theatre and Its Double’ (1938)

Are you ready to move from instinct to knowledge? PEM reveals exactly what Artaud speaks of – how to ‘catch and project certain forces’, how to locate and make use of their ‘physical pathways within the body and within the organs.’

To continue: “This means that in the theatre more than anywhere else it is the world of emotion the actor must become aware of, but he must attribute to this world virtues which are not those of an image, virtues which have a physical meaning.”

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