PEM Aspergers workshop with psychologist Tony Attwood

PEM is not only a unique method providing actors with access to their emotions…
Due to its biological process, PEM has been found to be of great use in areas outside of the arts, including helping those on the Autism spectrum.

Last week, Autism For Autism, held their first introduction to PEM workshop in Sydney where our PEM Master instructor Sarah Victoria met with renowned Tony Attwood, one of the worlds leading ASD psychologists. Tony, who has written several publications on Asperger’s syndrome, attended and participated in the workshop along with ASD participants, and had the following to say.

“PEM the mechanics of emotion clarity congruence and communication in everyday relationships is essential for those with an autism spectrum disorder who have great difficulty perceiving and regulating and expressing emotions….
One of the components of the program is to be able to acknowledge someone’s anger, to validate that feeling but then to redirect it in a positive way, those ways are a paradigm shift for autism….This is founded in common sense not psychological theory, therefore is far more effective”

We are thrilled PEM can offer such profound support for those with ASD and are excited for the impact it may have.

Here is more feedback from participants who attended the Sydney PEM workshop:

“Personally, the PEM workshop was unique, refreshing, nurturing and ultimately has the potential to be life changing for those on the Autism Spectrum. By virtue of the fact that emotions are being accessed in house so to speak, in a purely physical sense, rather than in our heads and without rational thought, makes the PEM method a reachable and constructive tool to effectively release anxiety and fearfrom those with Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD).
For many mature adults with AS, especially women, I believe fear is our core emotion, which is manifested early on in life due to; initially, the shocking realisaton that we don’t fit the social mold, abruptly followed by confirmation from others’ reactions and victimization toward us, then comes the development of many and varied coping strategies to partake in a neurotypical world, which usually leads to further anxiety, depression and other defences. As a result of these explanations, I have always found social situations daunting, yet, I felt somewhat at peace and more alive within myself when participating in the PEM workshop, because it provided a safe environment for me to attempt to retrieve and express emotion, without judgment or ridicule.
In practice, PEM may be the key component to crack the armor that protects the person with AS; if not to eventually eliminate the fear that lies within. PEM may help replace fear with love, self-assurance and independence, giving way to an easier life for us”.
Michelle Dorothy Riksman – Born 1976.

“Excellent workshop seminar today I found it to be very helpful to learn how breathing and our emotions are connected and useful ways to release rather than to explode so I am looking forward to using techniques I learnt today in the future.”
Rachel Keith

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