‘This is the closest thing I’ve felt to pure acting.’: Successful PEM trip to New Zealand!

PEM Master Instructor Sarah Victoria spent three weeks in New Zealand to teach acting students at the National Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School as well as opera singers at the National School of Music in Wellington. Additional public PEM workshops were held in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. Overall we introduced more than 130 actors, opera singers, musicians, directors, parents, teachers and therapists to the Perdekamp Emotional Method.

We also trained young actors at The Court Youth Company and would like to share some deep insights from the participants:
[after a Fear exercise] “I’ve been in fear, because of the earthquakes, for months at a time… a constant state of anxiety. It feels so incredible to feel it release… So happy right now.”
“This is the closest thing I’ve felt to pure acting. How little I need to do to be affecting; how little I need to do to become someone else.”

Thank you to New Zealand’s PEM representative Jon Hunter for making this amazing trip possible! We look forward to returning soon!