New acting programs in Australia!

Excited for the start of our new 3-month and 1-year programs in Australia!. 🙌

“This methodology is truly groundbreaking. It is completely fascinating and works. What a relief to finally have a method that drives its artist toward a balanced and healthy state and also open the gates for the emotion that is necessary in the work we do. It has brought enjoyment and excitement back into the craft for me and I am grateful. Stephan Perdekamp’s findings are a true blessing and a wonderful next step in the craft. Well worth exploring.“
– Jack Michel

“I absolutely loved the 4 day intensive so much I’ve signed up for the 3 month program too. Sarah is a totally wonderful teacher! The space was safe, nurturing and inspiring. Love this method its really fun, easy and so effective. Don’t try to understand it, just book! You wont regret it!“
– Lee Templeton