PEM workshop in Tokyo

Tomorrow is the last day of a fantastic PEM workshop in Tokyo! So many dedicated actors came to the Himawari Theatre Group – Japan’s oldest drama school – to experience PEM’s emotional work. The workshop was also joined by PEM actress Evie Abat from Los Angeles who runs the PEM LA practice group there as well as Charles Pang from Hongkong/ New York who has been studying PEM for two years and has been applying PEM to his acting and musical work.
What a great opportunity to have different cultures work together on deepening their acting skills. It is our pleasure to share some images with you!

We continue our tour through Japan with another PEM workshop in Osaka: 6th – 8th February! More info on:

We would like to thank Yuho Yamashita for organizing this Japan trip and making it possible to share our knowledge with Japanese actors!

Photo credits: Sarah Victoria, Evie Abat, Pule Lehua Keiko